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The Fitness Camp helps people just like you get fit and stay fit. We design our workouts so everyone can keep up, combining interval training, yoga, weights, cardio, flexibility and mobility exercises, medicine balls, and a fun, energetic attitude to deliver Las Vegas’ best boot camp experience. You’ll feel better, have more energy, and look great doing it.

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Personal Trainer + Boot Camp
Welcome to The Fitness Camp, the premier Las Vegas’ boot camp + personal trainer option for both men and women. Created, shaped, and refined since 2007, our unique, fun combination of personal training, boot camp format, high-end equipment, endless workout variety, and convenience makes The Fitness Camp the best choice for NW Las Vegas residents who are searching for a personal trainer and want to:

  • Get in shape
  • Lose weight and inches
  • Lower body fat
  • Tone up (women) and gain strength (men & women)
  • Build endurance
  • Increase speed, agility, quickness, balance
  • LOVE their workout
Unique, Customizable Holistic Program
If you’re looking for a Las Vegas boot camp or personal trainer, most will leave you dissatisfied with dull workouts, no results, and a cookie-cutter approach. The Fitness Camp is the exception. It’s not an elaborate aerobics class. It’s not a day-after-day pushups-and-calisthenics workout. It’s group fitness of a new magnitude. Our dedication to bringing you a training system of a quality usually reserved for athletes, celebrities, or other notables is only possible because of how we deliver it, which scales the excellence in your favor.

The Fitness Camp takes the best elements of a personal trainer (expert instruction, personal attention, motivation), integrates them into a boot camp format offering camaraderie and peer encouragement, then adds unique equipment, positive reinforcement, endless variety, elite athletic drills, and a stretching routine designed to counteract the hours most of us spend sitting at work. Put it all together, and The Fitness Camp is Las Vegas’ most effective, challenging, holistic fitness choice.

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  • Get in shape
  • Lose weight, body fat, and inches
  • Build endurance, strength, and balance
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